Award winning professional journalist working at CNN as a writer & producer for Jim Acosta’s weekday show, as well as the weekend CNN Newsroom show with Jessica Dean.  

Colton has eight years experience has a broadcast producer at local and national news outlets. He’s worked at stations across the nation, including in California, Nevada and Washington D.C., and Atlanta  which is where he currently based.  

Due to his vast experience in broadcast news, he will be a great asset to your team. His contact information is listed below, along with examples of his work, ranging from local TV newscasts, national broadcast news packages, long-form news articles, podcast episodes, and more. 

Colton Salaz

What Texas’ Attacks on Trans Health Care Did to One Family

As Texas laws have become more discriminatory against trans individuals and their families, many wonder if they can even stay in the Lone Star State, especially when parents could be investigated as child abusers for providing healthcare to their children. This family made the difficult decision to move to Colorado.

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The Stakes of Nevada’s Latino Vote

National news daily podcast episode produced by Colton Salaz, hosted by Mary Harris.
Nevada’s senate race has many national Democrats worried due to low voter turnout, and lack of enthusiasm among Latino voters. Will Nevada voters help re-elect the nation’s first Latina senator, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto? Or will they vote for her alternative: Former NV Attorney General (and election denier) Adam Laxalt?

Guest: Jon Ralston, CEO and Editor in Chief of The Nevada Independent.

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